Thursday, April 2, 2009

Name That Sprout

With all the pretty green sprouts coming up everywhere, I thought it might be fun to play a little game I like to call 'Name That Sprout'. Here's what you do. Leave me a comment identifying the different photos of sprouts found around our house. Number your answers to match the number with each picture. Now, I know some of you read here, but never comment. That's just fine. But don't be scared to. I won't bite. I promise.

You do not have to guess the variety. For example, an answer might be (but isn't) "carrot". You do not need to name the variety of carrot. Also, if you know me (personally) and can't leave a comment, email your answers to me and I will leave them in a comment for you. Jamey, you are not allowed to play.

Happy identifying! I'll announce the answers and winner on Monday. The winner will be the person with the most answers correct- so enter even if you don't know all the answers. Sorry you won't actually win anything. We don't play to win, now do we? We play to have fun! Don't we tell kids that?

Congratulations, Valerie!!

#1: Lilac

#2: Red Raspberry (Heritage, to be exact)

#3: Rhubarb

#4: Peach

#5: Garlic

#6: Basil

#7: Lettuce (Amish Deer Tongue- sounds yummy, no?)

#8: Tomato (Big Girl)
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  1. #1. Haven't a clue
    #2. Red raspberry
    #3. Rhubarb
    #4. Cherry tree
    #5. Garlic
    #6. Squash, zucchini...
    #7. Um, no clue, again. Maybe kohlrabi?
    #8. Melons

  2. Ps. If we win, I think we should be allowed to choose a piece of furniture that Jamey built. Or, if I win (did I win? did I win?) I'd like your fabulous culinary tome.

  3. From an email:

    "Okay, this is really fun....let's see how many sprouts this city girl can get...

    1. Lilac bush (we have some budding now too!)
    2. Raspberry
    3. Rhubarb
    4. Cherry
    5. Garlic
    6. Basil
    7. Peppers?
    8. Tomato


  4. I'll try:
    1. lilac
    2. Rhubarb
    3. spinach
    4. dogwood
    5. garlic
    6. cucumbers
    7. swiss chard
    8. squash
    and I did that without the benefit of my own garden to look at for comparison as I am not there right now (I should get bonus points for that, right?)

  5. 1 lilac
    2 raspberry
    3 rhubarb
    4 apple
    5 garlic
    6 basil
    7 lettuce
    8 tomato

    Shades of PW no?


  6. oh i love games!
    #1 Lilac
    #2 mint
    #3 rhubarb
    #4 dogwood
    #5 onion
    #6 cucmbers
    #7 broccoli
    #8 marijauna
    (just kidding, you don't have to publish this:)

  7. From an email:

    "I just have to try this even though I'm probably way off on some!

    1. Lilac
    2. Raspberry
    3. Rhubarb
    4. Apple
    5. Garlic
    6. Spinach
    7. Cilantro
    8. Tomato

    Mom :-)"

  8. 1. Lilac
    2. Raspberry
    3. Chard
    4. Pear
    5. Garlic
    6. Basil
    7. Spinach
    8. Tomato


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