Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking Towards Birth

With the potential for baby chicks to hatch later this month and my own approaching due date (late May/early June), I have been thinking a lot about birth lately. So far, I have been blessed with two fairly uncomplicated births.

With Sam, almost a week after my due date, my water started trickling (versus gushing) at about 10am in the morning. We got to the hospital at 2pm after the midwives confirmed that it was amniotic fluid (and not pee) I was leaking. Hours passed and while labor had definitely begun, I wasn't progressing like they had hoped (since my water had ruptured). Late in the evening, I was started on pitocin (to quicken my contractions) and fentanyl (IV medication for pain). I pushed for 45 minutes- it actually only felt like 15 minutes (I like pushing- at least I can DO something). Finally, at 3am Sam was born.

Sadie was hard on me while I carried her. Toward the end, I had a lot of trouble walking and was told that the only thing holding her up and in (I carry low) was my skin. My muscles had given out long before. We scheduled an induction a week before she was due. In a non-pregnancy state, I am not an advocate for early/convenience inductions, but when I am 39 weeks, exhausted and in pain, I change my mind. We went into the hospital early on a Friday morning. I walked the halls and was given cirvidil (to ripen my cervix). Labor barely started. At noon, we decided to break my water instead of starting pitocin. After that, labor came. Swiftly. No pitocin needed.

A couple hours later, both the midwife and I were concerned that I wasn't further dilated for how hard the contractions were coming. I confessed that I felt the baby was so low (and in front of the canal) that I wasn't sure how he or she was going to get up and then down the birth canal. We brainstormed and soon I found myself sitting on the bed with my midwife kneeling on the bed behind me. She looped a sheet under my belly and at each contraction pulled upward. My, that hurt. I could only stand this for a couple contractions, but when I laid back down, I could feel the baby moving down between my legs. Midwives are awesome.

Things really picked up then. After a really hard contraction, I told my midwife I didn't think I could do it anymore. She encouraged me on. After the next contraction, I told her I was serious. She asked if I wanted drugs and I said yes. Then, I prayed that with the next contraction, I would feel the urge to push. The Lord answered my prayer. I pushed for 15 minutes this time and Sadie was born 4 hours after they broke my water. I never got those drugs. And, I survived. And, I felt as if I could lift a truck over my head. Endorphins are also awesome.

So, those are my stories thus far. I love birth stories. I love the miracle of birth. And, even after this last baby of ours is born, I need to find a way to be a part of births. Hopefully by becoming a doula one day.

I also look forward to sharing this baby's birth story with you. Stay tuned...well, for a few months at least.

Me, yesterday, at 28 weeks. Photo taken by Sam.
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  1. Look at that perfect belly! You look great! And sure do carry low. Did you know that I'd like to be a doula someday too? Have we already discussed this? I got all the books and was even signed up for classes and then had to postpone at the last minute...and I can't remember why..? Hmmm... I think it was for the boys were too young at that point for me to be jetting off in the middle of the night!

  2. The toddler says "go Sam's mom! go sam's mom! sam wants a brother and a sister!!" Evidently they've been talking :)


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