Monday, March 23, 2009

Chick Update: Evening Edition

At 6pm this evening, we had one chick fully out (and fluffy), one half way out of it's shell and one egg with a hole poked out (from the inside). Here are some photos and videos for you. Check in tomorrow to find out the final number of Emma's brood!

In this photo, you can see the chick who is out, the one half way out (upper right hand corner) and the egg with the crack/hole it in (just to the left of the chick who is half way out).

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  1. Congratulations! Fun times...

  2. I have checked up on your site several times today hoping to hear what's happening. Thanks for keeping us informed. The little video just warmed my heart...the peeping noises were adorable! PLEASE keep us updated (I am just too far away!) I can't wait to show the kids when they get up in the morning!

  3. BABY CHICKENS!!! I was so excited looking at the pictures and watching these clips. It makes me want them even more! And Emma is such a pretty girl and a good mama :)

  4. Yay!! SO cute...and what a good mama Emma is...and she's so beautiful! I am really beginning to love little babies are doing great. Can't wait to see the final count...have a great day!


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