Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Very Lengthy Introduction

Oh, how I love food blogs. I have many favorites that I frequent daily. I love seeing other's creativity and their adaptations. It inspires me to adapt their recipes in an attempt to use what we have in the freezer and pantry.

I wasn't always this way, limited to my ingredient options. When Jamey and I were first married, we were both working and our meals consisted of boxes and mixes that we picked up very cheaply at the discount grocery store. We didn't have a lot of time, energy for creativity, money or any type of garden. I don't know how many nights our dinner consisted of a box of Uncle Ben's rice (of some sort of variation or flavor) with a few frozen peas thrown in.

Five years later, Sam entered the world and I became a stay at home mom. Jamey had a good job, we had debts payed down and therefore, even with me being at home, had a larger budget for groceries. There I was, at home, in a newly constructed home (that seemed to never get dirty or dusty compared to this old house). I had Sam, but he grew into a toddler and I found I had time to think about dinner. Quite a lot of time, actually. We still didn't have a garden. We weren't allowed to per the homeowner's association's bylaws.

I started picking up cookbooks and magazines (Cooking Light, Gourmet, Martha Stewart Living) which introduced me to new ways of cooking. Gourmet-ish ways of cooking. I loved trying the new ingredients and recipes. Capers. Roasted red peppers. Leeks. Fresh ginger. I loved it and Jamey often complained that he liked everything so much but never got to eat it again because I was constantly trying new things.

Fast forward to a couple years ago. Even before our financial situation changed (Jamey heading back to school full time with me still at home), we started appreciating that which grows here, where we live. That which we grow ourselves and feel confident is pesticide-free. It makes for a more predictable meal rotation, but it feels good. It feels right.

So, when I stare at the photos of exotic dishes on other websites, I do sometimes wish that I had some fresh asparagus on hand in February or savory cabbage in my crisper. But soon, into my mind creeps how far away these foods would have had to travel to get to my grocery store. And that makes me a bit sad.

I was actually going to post a recipe today and this was going to be my introduction. It got a bit lengthy- thanks for sticking with me. The recipe will come tomorrow.

Food bloggers need not worry. I won't stop frequenting their sites. Pin It

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  1. You're so funny...I do that all the time. By the time I'm done setting the stage...I'm out of time! I'm glad you posted though...many times I just "delete".

    I haven't made my way...not even the eat locally and seasonally...but I'll get there one day.


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