Thursday, February 5, 2009


We usually only get a handful of good snows each winter here. This means each one is special and the kids get real excited. They know that playing outside in the snow is the only way they get hot cocoa, or as Sadie calls it, "hot docoa".

I got them bundled up and even bundled up myself. The kids didn't seem to realize it was COLD outside. The went down the slide, swung on the swings and Sam even rolled about on the ground. I took pictures and shoveled a path out to the van.

Later on in the day, we were all venturing out (I don't go out much these days) to get the kids their yearly check-ups at the pediatrician's. Sadie just turned three and Sam will be six next week. If you don't hear much from me next week, it is because I am preparing my home and fridge for family that will descend on our house starting next Thursday evening. They are coming to help celebrate Sadie and Sam's birthdays. I can't wait.

Back to the snow...


Chicken House

Cows eating across the road

Our little orchard

My Sadie girl


Home, sweet home.
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  1. It's beautiful! We only get a few FLAKES each year so this is a treat to feast my eyes upon this cold, wintery (snowless) morn.



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