Friday, February 6, 2009

PW's Baked Fudge

I loooooove chocolate.

When I read Pioneer Woman's post yesterday about her Delicious Baked Fudge, I almost started drooling (I adore reading her blog). Next, a thought popped into my head- the same thought that often pops into my head when I'm reading a recipe on someone's blog or website. What if I make it and it's not as good? Do I want to waste my time and ingredients trying? I decided that with a name like 'baked fudge' it had to be worth trying.

Then, another thought popped into my head (I'm a big thinker, you know). Is there an occasion? Or can I just make this because I want chocolate? Now, I know I could've made it without an occasion. I deserve chocolate. But, then an occasion came to me. Jamey had a really big exam yesterday on something-or-other heart-related. It could be a treat for him for studying so hard this past week. I ran with it (ok, I waddled with it).

PW does such a good job explaining this recipe and everything about it. The only thing I'm going to say is that I had all the ingredients on hand (eggs, sugar, butter, cocoa, vanilla and flour with heavy whipping cream as optional for a topping) and it was just as amazing as she described it. Put aside your doubts about trying something new, go read about it here, wipe up your drool and start mixing.

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  1. You made me laugh this morning...and believe me, I needed it! Your "waddled" comment got me...and good! Too cute...pregnancy is so amazing. And cute.

    The dessert looks delicious...I love PW's site reading. Have a good day...


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