Monday, February 23, 2009

The Plan

A month or so ago, Jamey and I held our annual garden meeting. There we sat, across the dining room table from each other. Before him was spread last year's notes about how much he planted of each vegetable. In front of me was my canning notebook- dates and notes as to how much I put up of each fruit, vegetable, chutney, etc.
As is custom, he names the things he planted last year and then I tell him if we need to plant more or less or maintain the status quo based on how much we've been using of that particular item. Of course, this is always somewhat of a guessing game. Who knows how many zucchini plants the squash borers will take this year. Or if it will be a dry summer and our tomatoes won't produce as well.
Then there's the whole issue of this BABY that will be arriving in the spring. Our original thought was that we would cut back on our garden this year because of the new addition. But, as we started planning, we realized we really weren't changing much from last year.

Granted, we are going to try to grow more veggies that can be frozen versus canned, hoping that will save some time and energy. And, we are planning on growing dry beans this year. They will grow on the vine and dry there waiting until whenever it is convenient for us to shell them come fall. And by then, the baby will be a whopping 4 or 5 months, sleeping through the night and changing their own diaper. Right?

Watching us/reading about our garden endeavors may prove to be very entertaining this summer. That is assuming I will have time to tell you about them. Don't worry. I will. I need this therapy.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what we will be least as the plan stands now.

Have you ordered your seeds? Have you planned your garden layout? What new things are you going to try this year? If you find you haven't thought about it yet, I have just one question for you. What are you waiting for?

If you're not in the mood yet, take a gander at these warm weather photos. They almost make me cry. I can't wait for warm weather.

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  1. ahh! I can't wait for summer! I'm such a cold weather girl but I'm itching to get dirt under my fingernails!

    I've started broccoli, cabbage and onions under a grow light...I have 350 little onions! Yikes! And I've ordered all the rest of our seeds too. We are being quite ambitious this year...starting an orchard, putting in a grape arbor, growing enough corn to feed my husband's family for the winter. Whew! Makes me tired thinking about it all but I'm sick of this cold wind so I'd much rather be tired from gardening so much! I just love sitting down with my husband and planning out our garden. We did that about a month ago too!

    Thanks for those lovely summer pics. Can't wait til that's reality outside our windows!

  2. Look at that gorgeous garden! Ohhh...I can't wait! I was getting all excited and prepared to order seeds...when I realized I don't have much room to START them. And then once I start them...I don't have enough room to PLANT ALL of them. Do you use all of the seed you ordered? Or does it last into the next season if stored properly? I'm still learning all of this...slowly but surely.

  3. Michelle,
    I know Jamey often doesn't use all the seeds in a packet and saves them for the next (or the next) year. I'm sure the seed companies would say the fresher the better. I think this is true, but 1 and 2 year old seeds have still germinated for us. Happy planning:-).

  4. Thanks for the seed info...that makes me feel better about purchasing seed. I just know I couldn't plant it all...and GROW it all...OR EAT IT ALL! Your garden sounds amazing this year...and you will really bless those you share it with. xo


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