Monday, February 9, 2009

Made to Order

Before I begin here, I don't want you to think that what I am about to do is bragging. I'd like to call it "sharing" instead, ok?

I happen to have a husband who is very talented in the woodworking arena. He grew up watching his father produce beautiful pieces out of his workshop and picked up the skill.

When I need something...anything built, I just draw up the plans, measurements included, and hand it over. He can't always get to it right away, but he always makes an effort. With this last project I passed a long, he started almost right away because the idea of a rolling door intrigued him.

I had asked for a bread box to hide bread and other miscellaneous items that always seem to accumulate on top of the toaster oven and make my counter look sloppy. I am a neat freak and I am nesting.

I knew I wanted to show you my new bread box, but then I started walking around the house and decided I also wanted to "share" with you some of the other things he's made.

This is the dresser/changing table he built when we were expecting Sam. I was able to make the height just right for me so I wasn't having to lean over to change diapers. It's in Sadie's room now and will become the baby's when he/she arrives.

I love this. When we moved into this old house, one of the first things Jamey did was replace the smokehouse floor. We needed to use the smokehouse as our attic since there is only a very small door (I should say hole) that leads up to the attic. Then, last year, I requested shelves and cabinets to be built into to the play/school room. He planed down the smokehouse floor boards to build my shelves. One of my favorite features is the lock on the right cabinet door- it holds paints and items I do not want the kids getting into with my knowledge.

The only used entrance to our house is through the back door and into the mudroom. Another early project, once we got settled, was this shoe box. Just about all our family's shoes live in this box and there's even a little section at one end that hold hats and gloves. Sometimes it gets used during hide and seek, too.

This is the head board he made for our bed.

Here is the wardrobe he made for himself since he doesn't have a dresser.

This is a little drysink he made. It works perfectly in our upstairs bathroom since this house does not have a linen closet.

This is a buffet he built with the intent of selling it. I kind of stole it and it now resides
in our living room.

This coffee table he gave me as a birthday gift- my last birthday before we were married. His dad helped a little to finish it up since Jamey was on crutches at the time. He broke his pelvis when the forklift he was driving tipped over on top of him. I still get the shivers when I think about that.

We call this the half-hutch. He made this also with the intent to sell. I stole this one, too. It holds my cookbooks and, underneath, our gardening books and paper recycling.

Last, but certainly not least, are our kitchen cabinets. The spring after we moved here, Jamey's parents came and spent a week with us so Jamey's dad could help Jamey gut and redo the kitchen. Jamey had worked on these cabinets for months. My bread box is made out of leftover cherry wood from the cabinets so it matches.

Thanks for listening to me share. Please don't come steal my husband and chain him out back to build furniture for you. I would really like to keep him. Pin It


  1., wow, wow! You are married to one talented man! Such beautiful work. And may I ask, what is the paint color in the room with the half hutch? It sets off the warm wood tones beautifully.


  2. Lucky, lucky girl! Did you know my husband is a cabinet maker? *just another little something we have in common!* It's actually our business..which means, many times, that I am like the cobbler's child...I have no shoes! We did update my kitchen last's a link to the Before and After!

    Thanks for sharing...he's worth bragging about!!

  3. Okay, so I will refrain from lassoing your husband with chains, but some day when your hubby is going to do his thing in the shop, might I bring my hubby over and chain them together? Then I might get some new furniture...

    I especially like the half-hutch and I ADORE the wardrobe.

    And I can't believe that he is a runner even after breaking his hip. Gives me the shivers (the broken pelvis, not the running).


  4. Oooo, it might be tough for me not to come nab your hubby. Good thing I don't know where you live!

    I agree with JJ, the half-hutch is cool! I also love the dry sink. My bro made me one for when I had my baby and I love it. I think I'm attracted to dry sinks!

  5. Ooh, you are one blessed lady! I especially love the half hutch and dry sink. I showed my man this post in the hopes that it will inspire his inner woodworker (he's done a few projects in the past, so I know it is possible... one day...)

  6. What an awesome collection. I just love the breadbox! Just 2 weeks ago I decided that my bread was getting out of hand and would love to have a breadbox. Well, my husband got me a bread basket--it works, but not with the style of your box :) Great job Jamey!

  7. Very talented, I didn't know Jamie knew woodworking......and now that you mention coming to steal him....hmmmm.......;)


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