Friday, February 27, 2009

Life in the Dead of Winter

In my belated 100th post, I mentioned that I have orchids. I used to have many, but after Sam came along, I began to neglect them and sold all but my favorite five. The remaining five still get neglected, but somehow they continue to bloom for me every year.

One of the reasons I love them is that during this season of no green life outside, I can gaze upon blooms inside. I keep them in our upstairs bathroom where they get good light and are more-or-less out of reach of little hands. When they bud, I bring them downstairs and set them in my kitchen or dining room where we can all enjoy them.


Orchids can be found reasonably priced at home improvement stores. If you've never tried having orchids, this is a great place to buy your first one. Then, go online and identify which kind you bought and find out what type of care it needs. The easiest to care for (and not kill) is the phalaenopsis orchid (like my white one pictured above).

The most important things to remember are 1) to give it good light- morning sun is best, afternoon sun can burn their leaves 2) to make sure their roots don't sit in water- water them under the sink to allow all the water to drain out right away, also don't let water get in the center of the plant, if so, use a tissue to absorb it out and 3) don't let the material your orchid is planted in get bone dry.

So, there you have it. A very simple orchid tutorial. Oh, and avoid orchids that come from too exotic of places. Unless you have a greenhouse where you can regulate the temperature and humidity. I don't have one of those. Oh, but wouldn't it be nice...?

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  1. I.LOVE.ORCHIDS. I tried several orchids...both of the ones you showed as well as a cymbidium or two. I think what it boiled down to is not enough light in my house. My house is quite dark....small with not a lot of windows...and the windows we DO have are not facing sunlight. SO...they did not survive. I was able to buy them at the grocery outlet for $10! They have them again..and I was tempted...but, I don't have money for extras right now...and I STILL don't have enough light! Yours are absolutely beautiful...good job. Not everyone can grow and orchid girl!


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