Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bits and Pieces

My irises, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips are poking their green leaves up through the soil making me very excited for spring. At the same time, it is making me very frustrated since I do not see myself getting down on all fours to clear debris from my flower beds.

I am almost six months pregnant, but I think I look 9 months pregnant. In order to carry this baby without under-belly-pain, I now where a Belly Bra. It's an incredible invention and I highly recommend it.

We are being inundated with eggs. If anyone would like to get eggs (free range, organic) regularly from us, please let me know.

My best friend from middle school and high school does amazing work. Check her and her co-designer's work out here. She's the one who gives me fabric swatches now and again (thank you! thank you!).

Sam and I are on schedule to finish his 1st grade year by the time this baby comes. Do you know I have most of his books for next year already? I'm a little obsessive.

Sam's first lose tooth is about to fall out. I asked him if he will put it under this pillow. He told me the tooth fairy isn't real. I told him that I know that, but sometimes parents put something under the pillow for their kids. He said, "No, I'll probably just throw it away." I asked if he might want to save it and he said, "What? Like in a box?" and shook his head. I guess I'll be digging it out of the trash and taping it in his baby book.

I haven't had to make a meal since company was here this past weekend between leftovers and food kindly given to us. It is making me very lazy. I promise I'll start cooking again...soon. Pin It


  1. Oh I wish I lived near you..I'd love some eggs! I'm SO wanting to get chickens...I was really hoping to get them this year but with the way things are going financially, and as busy as my husband is, I don't know that he'll have time to build me that chicken coop I've been dreaming about. I'm still holding out hope!

    I had to wear something similar to the belly was VERY helpful, just that little extra support. What is your actual due date?

  2. I'm due the end of May. I'd also be fine with the middle of May:-).

  3. Well, I don't need eggs but I thought you might find my chicken story sort of interesting. The other day I went up to our broiler houses (we raise them for Tyson foods, I know, they aren't organic or free range!) Anyway, I got myself 5 chickens and brought them home. I had fashioned a sort of run for them and they have a little house to go in. I'm planning on butchering these things in about 2 weeks. I'm hoping they venture out of their house to get some sunlight. They must be too scared. Either that or it's because it's below freezing and windier than anything around here! So I'll be butchering chickens some time soon and I'll think of you!

    By the way, we had that sausage and kraut casserole last night...very good! Thanks again for sharing the recipe!

  4. Zoe,
    Thanks for sharing- I would love to hear how the butchering goes:-).

  5. I am a friend of Syster Shannon - and her blog led me to yours.. and I would love eggs...


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