Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Sound

For years I have wanted a piano. For our kids to learn on one day. For me (I took lessons when I was a child.) Well, one day last week it happened. I happened to be checking Craigslist on the right day at the right time. A local family was giving this piano away, free, to a good home. We were happy to help them out.

The night we brought it home, Sam learned Hot Cross Buns. He's been begging for lessons since. Once we get some beginner books, I will start teaching him some basics. I have enjoyed stumbling through our hymnals, trying to remember notes, sharps and flats. I'm going to benefit from Sam's lessons, too. Pin It


  1. I have a piano tuner for you if you need one. And my sis-in-law gave my kids six lessons and got them off to a good start (she may be up to doing it again)---I was easily able to pick up where she left off. We ordered our piano book from Amazon: Alfred's Basic Paino Library: All-in-One Course, Book One.


  2. I used the Alfred books too and really liked them. If only we lived closer, you could use mine! Well, the ones the baby and dog haven't chewed up, anyway! Enjoy the piano!

  3. WOW! Lucky you! I took lessons as a child, too...and would love to have a piano again someday. Believe it or not I can fumble my way around some sharps and flats, too!

  4. how exciting!! if only olympia was close by to teach your kids! :)


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