Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My 100th Post, Belated

From what I understand, it is some sort of blogger tradition to post 100 things about yourself in your 100th post. Well, I am a little bit late with this, but thought it still might be fun.

Not a single one has to do with food. Well, maybe one does. Here we go...

1) My right foot is half a shoe size bigger than my left.
2) I lived and studied in Mexico for 5 months during college.
3) I remember very little Spanish.
4) A nick-name I had in high school was General Motors.
5) My husband and I dated for three years before getting engaged.
6) We then waited almost another year before getting married.
7) I was a clinical social worker in my before-children life.
8) I worked at a psychiatric hospital for kids.
9) I worked with teenagers there.
10) I got bit once.
11) And had a chair thrown at me.
12) I dislike any form of shopping.
13) I've turned into a home-body.
14) In high school, my head was half-shaved and my hair was dyed red.
15) I wore combat boots.
16) I attended lots of concerts.
17) At one, I had to be pulled out of the crowd by security because I had been pressed too close against the stage by the crowd and was getting crushed.
18) I don't drink alcohol.
19) I've seen what it can do to families and my money is not supporting that.
20) I had two ectopic pregnancies. One before Sam and one before Sadie, both requiring surgery.
21) The second time, they removed one of my fallopian tubes.
22) My mom's parents met when my Grandmother fell though the ice ice-skating and my Grandfather pulled her out. Ok, that's not about me, but it's romantic.
23) Jamey and I met in college.
24) I liked him first.
25) He had no clue.
26) I had to come out and tell him.
27) We dated awhile and then he broke up with me.
28) That was the saddest I think I've ever been.
29) A few weeks later, he changed his mind.
30) The only bone I have ever broken was a vertebrae.
31) I broke it while sledding.
32) I was in college at the time and 5 of us were sitting on a large wipe-your-feet-on-mat someone had taken from a campus building.
33) They put me in the middle because I was small.
34) Everyone else bailed out when we were headed for a sled ramp.
35) I couldn't see it and went over the ramp, flew into the air and landed on my bum. Hard.
36) It was my only ambulance ride.
37) I called my mom from the ER to tell her what happened and she asked me about the weather.
38) Later I found out that she had almost passed out and was lying on the floor and didn't remember asking me that.
39) Later, I also found out that Jamey was visiting my college that weekend and the friend he was staying with had to go visit a friend in the hospital. She had broken her back sledding (me).
40) I had to wear a back brace for a couple months.
41) I haven't had any back problems since.
42) I had 30 orchids, before kids.
43) I sold all but my favorite five after having kids.
44) They still bloom for me every year.
45) When I was a kid, I bit through my tongue.
46) We were not allowed to spin the chair that spun, but I was spinning my brother.
47) I tripped over a leg of the piano bench and landed on my chin on my brother's metal tractor.
48) I bit clear through.
49) The doctor couldn't do anything.
50) I had to just eat jello and drink milk shakes for awhile.
51) I quilt.
52) I've made Jamey, Sam and Sadie each one. And pieced one for my brother and his wife.
53) I've either cross-stitched or needle-pointed Christmas stockings for Jamey, Sam and Sadie.
54) I cry sometimes when I talk to babies.
55) I just get overwhelmed by the miracle that they are.
56) Not just my babies.
57) I love babies.
58) I loved nursing my babies.
59) I nursed Sam until he weaned himself at 18 months.
60) Sadie weaned herself at 22 months.
61) There is a hand towel and a separate dish towel on my oven door handle.
62) I get annoyed when they are not used for their intended purposes.
63) I have a dish sponge and a counter sponge.
64) I get annoyed when they are not used for their intended purposes.
65) I wear dish gloves to wash dishes.
66) Not because I have nice nails, but because I have excema.
67) I used to get terrible migraines.
68) I have since grown out of them.
69) I would like to become a doula one day.
70) I have never witnessed a birth that wasn't my own.
71) I would like to. Hint. Hint.
72) I was almost an art major in college.
73) Then I switched to elementary education.
74) Then I switched to social work and stayed there.
75) I love God.
76) I have been richly blessed and He deserves all the glory.
77) I get tired of canning.
78) But, I am thankful for canning.
79) I sometimes think I should have canned more.
80) That makes me more tired.
81) I typed this original list at 1:00 AM (pre-pregnancy).
82) I am really enjoying this blog thing.
83) It's a way for me to stay connected to the outside world without leaving home.
84) Not that leaving home is a bad thing. It's not.
85) I just enjoy home, too.
86) I am running out of things to tell about myself.
87) I am allergic to penicillin.
88) See, I am getting desperate for things to say.
89) I'm 5 ft. 3.5 inches tall.
90) This is getting pathetic.
91) I thought for sure I could list 100 things about myself.
92) Oh, I thought of something.
93) It's a really good one.
94) It's something you may not know.
95) Only a handful of people actually know this.
96) It's something I hope you remember about me.
97) Especially when you visit my blog.
98) Actually, two things.
99) I love when you comment and
100) I am so touched that you come. Pin It


  1. whew! I learned a lot of new things--and I thought I knew you :) Especially the combat boots/shaved/red hair thing. Wow!! Perhaps you should post some photos.
    Love your blog !

  2. Indeed some fun new facts here! :) Which vertebrae did you break? I broke my 2nd vertebrae when I was 5 years old, falling out of a tree.

  3. Fun -- makes me want to finish 100 blog posts...

  4. We have quite a bit in common...I want to be a doula someday, but I HAVE witnessed births besides my own, you will LOVE it. I was a counselor in a group home for SED teens for 8 years. I love art but never had the courage to major in it...settled for psych. I love God. I also get upset when certain items aren't used for intended purposes...and when things don't get put back in the fridge where they belong! Have a great day...I enjoyed reading this...

  5. 1)I love this!
    2)I roared with laughter (your mom asking about the weather).
    3)You may be present when I have my next child.
    4)I am not going to have any more children.
    5)I hope those aren't famous last words.
    6)Because then you (and everyone else) would roar with laughter.


  6. i laughed out loud when you said mom almost passed out, then asked about the weather. and when i read the thing about the towels - cause all us moyer kids have that. and cause you told the 100 things more like a story than facts. and that was funny. and i remember the shaved head, combat boots, bleached hair and red lipstick days. and sitting in the back seat of the van, rubbing your shaved (underpart of) your head on the way to church. those were the days! :)

  7. i love that i remember so many of these things...although it makes me realize how old i am.

    i have been present at other births and it IS amazing. i also will one day become a doula.

    oh the days of shaved heads and combat boots...

    i love that you, who are made of all of these experiences, make me smile.

  8. Wowee. You are the woman. And what a memory! That was hysterical and touching. Oh yes, the red lipstick. I still have one of mine for memories...it may be like a candle by now.

  9. I know it is 2013 now and i am writing a comment to an an old entry. I just really want to say I like your blog and am reading my way trough it from the start, only 4 more years to go. I am neglecting my boys, my house and the garding for it (exaggerating just a tiny bit). Love your recipies and your humor!
    The Netherlands


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