Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Jigity jig. After two weeks away, we are home. Our two weeks were spent visiting both families, eating, watching cousins dance around the room, playing games, feeling the baby kick, walking through a village of Christmas lights, watching the kids ride on a carousal, playing with my baby niece, taking a bus tour with my Grandma pointing out all the places she lived (to celebrate her 90th birthday), visiting both sets of my grandparents, helping my sister with wedding crafts and choosing pieces of my grandparent's home with siblings and cousins.

We came home with a lot of stuff. Laundry, gifts, antique furniture, old dishes, children's books, tools and glassware. The past two days have been filled with me filling boxes with things that don't hold as much meaning as the things that are taking there place in hutches and cabinets, on walls and along walls. I'm only beginning to think about the laundry and what we will eat this week.

It's so good to be home. To hear our roosters crow (yes, we have more than one- a story for another day), to catch up with our neighbors, to eat at our own table and sleep in our own beds, to pencil in play dates for the kids and to get back to homeschooling. And to look forward to 2009 together, as our own little family.

Happy New Year. Pin It

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