Friday, January 23, 2009

Craving Confession

As many of you know, we grow or buy local all our fruits and vegetables (and then preserve them one way or another to eat throughout the year). Here comes the confession.

I have been buying oranges and orange juice made who-knows-where for the past month or so. There I said it. I got it off my chest. My excuse? I'm pregnant and I crave citrus like you would not believe.

Every morning, I drink at least two glasses of orange juice. Every night, after the kids are in bed, I eat an orange. Why can't I crave canned peaches or frozen blueberries or red raspberries? We have plenty of those. Nope. I crave a fruit that grows either across the country or in another country. My goodness. Locavores forgive me. I would never do this in an un-pregnant state.

Oh, and I hope this baby doesn't come out with some strange orange pigment disorder. Pin It


  1. You are ALLOWED, my dear. You are PREGNANT.


  2. That's strange...I abhorred citrus when I was pregnant!

    I forgive you because, guess what...I'm not pregnant and I bought CHIPS yesterday and it wasn't even at our local grocery store! *gasp*

  3. I'd be happy to drop by and eat your raspberries if that would ease the guilt.


  4. Sometimes we just have to make some when the baby wants vitamin C!! I craved Kiwi when I was pregnant with my mom would bring them to me by the bags full. Take good care... :)


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