Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Gift of Food

Anyone who knows me knows my love of food. That's pretty much all I talk about on here. Well, since nausea (and more) has reared it's ugly head for the past seven weeks, and counting, my relationship to food has changed. Oh, how I have mourned this change. The desire to think about food, plan meals, try new recipes, be creative with our stores...it all dried up. This left Jamey, finally home after a long day of commute and school, to figure out not only 'what's for dinner', but to prepare it, serve it and clean up after it. That's my job, a job that I love. Or loved.

So, this left me sad. More sad than I actually realized. Not only was my family getting the shaft, but so was this baby, needing all sorts of good nourishment as it develops his or her brain and other very important organs.

Several very sweet friends offered to bring us a meal and I turned them down. I guess I figured that since we were actually eating, we were ok. And, I guess to be honest...sometimes it's hard for me to ask for help. I like to feed my family, caring for them in this way. But I wasn't.

A week or so went by and another sweet friend offered to organize meals for us. Now, Mennonites are far from perfect, but one of the many good things we have going (at least in our Mennonite community) is that we do all things having to do with food well. I accepted her offer and have been on the verge of tears many nights, as meals (wonderfully balanced, prepared with care and delicious) have been spread before our family. And, somehow (it's a miracle, I guess), I have been able to enjoy it- all of it.

Before I get too sappy here and short out my laptop with tears, I just want to say that the gift of food is powerful. Thank you to all of you who have brought us food. If you enjoy cooking and know someone who might benefit from a meal, take them one. They will appreciate it more than you know.


I want to say something else. I hope that my latest several posts have not conveyed an air of lack of appreciation for this babe I have growing inside. Being sick has been hard, but I have a deep appreciation for this little life. I've lost two babies and my left fallopian tube to two ectopic pregnancies and I've needed medication to get pregnant at times. I just wanted to share this because I in no way want to minimize the miracle of life.
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  1. Those first few months of pregnancy are a killer! You most certainly do not convey lack of appreciation. It is hard to be sick andenthusiastic at the same time. You write with grace and consideration. (I loved your answer to Jen's question a few days ago. A perfect example of grace.)

    Congratulations on your littlest one.


  2. Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts. Take care of yourself and enjoy the wonderful community you have there. I have learned so much from your blog and your experience.



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