Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vegetables I Do Not Speak Of

Jamey (my husband) uses a laptop a lot- for school, checking sports scores (mainly the Eagles this time of year) and...writing comments to my posts. Thinking back, you may not be able to recall many, if any, of them. This is because I have to 'reject' them. I have chosen a setting that allows me to 'publish' or 'reject' each comment. The reason his get rejected is because they are usually not related to the post or they are just plain funny (possibly only to me). He knows I screen them and expects me to reject them, so there are no hard feelings about him not being 'published'.

Where was I headed?...Oh, yes. A week or so ago he posted a comment (which I promptly rejected and now wished I had saved) which went something like this..."What is wrong with you? You have a garden and you never talk about corn. Don't you like corn? Corn is very good. You should talk about corn. You have a garden and you don't talk about corn. I do not understand."

Let me explain. There happen to be a few vegetables that are not my favorite and happen to be his favorites. He was raised eating these (his parents have a huge, beautiful garden), as was I. For some reason, these few vegetables (I don't even call corn a vegetable, but that's a whole other debate) have lost all pizazz for me. Maybe because I am not very creative in my preparation of them. I'm not sure. I do know that when my mother-in-law prepares any and all of them, they are heavenly. She's some kind of an expert in these particular vegetables. In my house they lose their appeal, flavor, excitement, etc. What is wrong with me?

Ok. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Corn

2) Green Beans

3) Potatoes (blue, purple, red, yellow, white, striped, polka-dot, whatever)

and, not a vegetable, but another favorite of my husband's

4) Watermelon

Are you gasping? I almost am and I knew what I was going to write. We still grow all these things. I still blanch and freeze the green beans- tons of them. The rest...well...Jamey is kind of left to deal with.

He shucks the corn and steams or grills it to add to dinner. He blanches and freezes a few quarts each year. I will eat it. After I cut it off the cob. Go ahead, gasp again. Even Sam doesn't understand that one.

He brings in the potatoes and I store them in my pantry. That's nice of me, right? Ready...brace yourself again...I don't like mashed potatoes even.

Then there's watermelon. Now, I really wish I liked watermelon. Every year I try it and every year I realize nothing has changed. So, Jamey and the kids eat copious amounts.

What DO I like??? EVERYTHING ELSE. So, please forgive me if you wish I gave more attention to some of these God-created, respectable, staple, will-feed-you-when-you're-poor vegetables (and starches). I just don't like them.

Look, dear! I posted a photo of one of the amazing watermelons you grew this year. Can you ever forgive me? Pin It


  1. Now we're talking--green beans, corn and potatoes--that's the kind of garden I grew up in and love :) I'm still amazed that Jamey knows how to plant and harvest all those other vegetables that we never even saw or heard of as kids. And canning---where the heck did he learn to do that?! I still haven't canned my first jar. I'm in awe of you all! Love you! C

  2. I read your comment to Jamey. He said, "If I can do it anyone can do it. My strategy was to ask my wife how."

    Thanks for the kind words- maybe you'll find yourself canning someday, too:-). You certainly have it in your genes:-).

  3. I don't like watermelon or cucumbers. And every year, my father says the same things, "but they're so refreshing." And I reply the same way, "not when they make you gag."

    Ironically, I like both pickled. I love a really sour, dilly pickle and sweet pickled watermelon rind. Go figure!



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