Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September Garden

I was out gathering a few things from the garden the other evening for dinner and realized how beautiful vegetable plants are- even though, for many of them, this is the end of their season. With camera in hand, I took a stroll.

Our carrots. Can you tell we didn't thin them enough? That's ok. Their shapes will be more entertaining and just fine for making a wonderful carrot soup (I'll share that recipe another day).

Remember these cherry tomatoes? They are still coming.

This is our old lettuce bed, going to seed. We are planning to collect the seeds this year.

Except for the row of bell peppers to the right, what you see here are our sweet potato plants taking over this section of the garden. Before growing them, I had no idea they did this.

Swiss chard. This grows all season long, well into fall.

This is one of the many HUGE pumpkins that are growing along side our butternut squash. Jamey says that this variety of pumpkin can grow to several hundred pounds. And...I wonder...what is it that we are going to do with hundred pound pumpkins? He says I can make pie with them and that we are going to sell them out by the road. If you live close and want to buy some harvest decorations- large harvest decorations, please let me know.

A better view of the pumpkin/squash patch in the back garden.

Oh, and I wish I had taken (yet another) photo of our raspberries. They are going gang busters this year. We are picking 1-2 quarts a day. I'm in heaven! If anyone has favorite red raspberry recipes, I would LOVE to hear about them.
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  1. Gorgeous pumpkins! Wonder how long the drive would be from Texas...

  2. twomsrafs,

    25 hours and 44 minutes, according to mapquest. I'd mail you one, but I think it would be down right expensive....:-(

  3. Whatever you did fixed it so I can see your blog again!
    I just made Raspberry, coconut, chocolate chip brownies with a "secret" ingredient of sour cream...yum! I just found the recipe online, but I am sure you could use any brownie recipe and just add the raspberries! (You didn't ask for HEALTHY recipes!)

  4. Shannon,

    Healthy shmealthy. The other night I stuck white chocolate chips into the raspberry holes and popped 'em one after the other:-).


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