Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pineapple Sage

Do you know about pineapple sage?? I didn't, until I was at a garden store with a friend back in the spring. I rubbed the leaf between my fingers and could not believe the smell- exactly like a ripe, juicy pineapple. I had to buy that plant. Especially since we don't buy pineapples any more.

I haven't really used it for anything this summer, other than to rub and smell every time I walk by. Oh, and I added it to mint tea once, but not enough, because I couldn't quite taste the pineapple.

Second only to the smell is what I saw the other day when I looked out my kitchen window. Beautiful, bold red flowers. They are popping out all over this happy bush. It did not start out as a bush, by the way. It started out, maybe six inches tall.

Here it is, crowding out some basil on the right and parsley on the left. It's trying to be as big as my butterfly bush, which sits just out of the picture on the left.

Hummingbirds like it, too. Like my bed of weeds in the background? It takes a lot of hard work to get that weed bed looking so weedy. It's really an iris bed. Couldn't you tell?

All this to say, next spring, when you are at the garden store trying to decide what to spend the money-you-really-shouldn't-spend on, pick yourself up one pineapple sage plant. It will not disappoint.

I won't be writing for a couple days. I have very important business to attend to. I'll fill you in on all the details when I'm done:-). Pin It

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