Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunflower Seeds

Our chickens love sunflower seeds. Any seeds, for that matter. So, we decided to plant some sunflowers especially for them. We also enjoyed looking at them. Here they are along the back edge of the back garden.

And, here they are hanging in Somersault's end of the workshop. Jamey decided it was time to bring them in before other birds got to them. They are pretty safe in here, thanks to Somersault being a cat.

The plan is to throw a sunflower head in to the chickens now and again come winter, to supplement their feed when there isn't much outside for them to eat. And, we might just roast some for ourselves.

P.S. A couple people have said they wish they could leave comments, but couldn't because they don't have a google login of sorts. No longer! I changed things and now anyone can post a comment. Comment away! Pin It

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