Monday, August 25, 2008

Full Days

I am known to complain about my days being full this time of year. Sometimes, it actually invokes some anxiety and causes knots in my neck and shoulders to develop. Like today. Today was a full day. But when I stop and think about each thing I did, I realize that I got to choose each thing. Each thing was a choice I made and I really wouldn't choose otherwise. So, while my days are very full, they are full of things that I value. When I think about it this way, my neck and shoulders relax and I feel calmer. I can appreciate my full days and enjoy them a bit more.

It was a full day of choices. I got up before the kids and went out into the garden and picked a basket full of basil for another batch of pesto.

I helped the kids get ready and we headed downstairs for breakfast. While making most of our food from scratch IS a lot of work, it makes us feel like we are eating like royalty (a friend and I were just talking about this today). The kids had baked oatmeal with homemade plain yogurt and raspberries. That was the last of the oatmeal, so I had two pieces of zucchini bread with yogurt and berries. Poor me.

While I was making pesto, the kids transformed the playroom into a mess (my camera doesn't have a wide angle lens- this is just part of it). This is the kind of thing that stresses me out. So, after lunch, getting Sadie's head unstuck from between the couch and the wall and feeling Sam's "loose" tooth, we all pitched in and cleaned up (some of us pitching more than others).

Then, we all piled into the van to take Sam to a friend's house for the afternoon (Thanks, Carmen!!). When Sadie and I got home, it was time for her nap. The house was MINE. What to do??? Take quiet time for myself to read? Or get back to work? I compromised and spent some time on the computer reading things I enjoy and then I headed back to the kitchen. I washed lots of jars in preparation for the concord grapes that are coming and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Jamey to take in his lunches these first few weeks back to school.

About the time I was done, Sadie woke up and she and I read books on the couch. I read so much more to Sam when he was this age. I regret not reading to her more and am trying to make up for it now. Around 4ish, a friend dropped by to get some basil and my other friend returned my boy. We enjoyed some visiting outside before they headed home and I went back into the kitchen. Jamey came home and we had weekend leftovers for dinner. When the table was cleared, I started my second batch of roasted tomatoes which are in the oven as I write this. My plan for the rest of the evening? Take a shower, relax and maybe watch some reruns of 'The Office' before falling into bed.

I am thankful for these full days. For my children, my husband (who supports all my choices), good food and good friends. What more could I ask for? Pin It


  1. The basket of basil is spectacular! If there is still some left in your garden after everyone else gets done plundering it, may I, pretty please, have some more?


  2. Mama JJ,

    Of course you can. I'll call you:-).


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