Friday, August 22, 2008

A Conversation with Sadie

Sadie was playing at the sink while I was working in the kitchen and needed to clean some swiss chard.

Sadie, I need to wash these, okay?

Why, Mommy?

To clean the bugs off.

Dat yucky?

No, it's not yucky.

Dat yummy?

Yes, it's yummy after it's cooked.

Bugs yummy?

No, Sadie, bugs aren't yummy.

Why, mommy?

They just aren't.

Dat hot?

No, it's not hot.


Yep, it's cold.

Bye bye bugs.

Bye, bugs...
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  1. Woohoo--1000th visitor!

  2. Your conversation with Sadie sounds like it came straight out of the children's book Some Babies.

    Your blog is good. You Power Women, my my.


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