Friday, July 18, 2008

They're Here!

This morning the kids and I drove to the post office on the other side of town and picked up our chicks. The kids thought it was so fun to hear them peeping in the van. We took them out to their shed, making sure to lock their roommate, Somersault, out while we got them situated. We opened the box and Sam kept saying, "They're beautiful!" over and over again. Sadie kept saying, "Hold it peeps?" over and over again. One by one, I scooped them out and taught them how to drink by sticking their little beaks into the water. They seem well adjusted already, drinking, eating, pooping and racing around the pen. When we let Somersault back in, she didn't seem to care that they were there. She's been around chickens for a long time.

So, what did we get? There are 26 girl chicks (all made the trip alive). Nine are Silver Laced Wyandottes (laying hens). Nine are Ameraucanas (lay green-blue eggs) and eight are a breed I didn't bother learning the name of- they are our meat birds. Six are boarding with us for the summer. We combined our order with some friends who do a lot of traveling during the summer.

Is it possible that I am as excited as the kids are? No doubt. Pin It

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