Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Sadie and Sam

Jamey likes the show, The Simpsons. He used to watch it a lot. So, this past Father's Day, I let Sam choose one of the three Simpsons-themed Father's Day cards that our grocery store carried. The one Sam chose had Homer on the front, being tackled by Bart and it read, "Fathers are important because children's lives are at stake." On the inside it read, "Mmmmmm...steak."
Fast forward to yesterday lunch. Sadie and Sam were finishing their lunch and I was copying down a recipe. I messed something up and put my head in my hands, groaning. Sadie asked, "Mommy hurt?" and I said, "No, I just made a mistake." To which Sadie replied, "Mmmmmm...steak."

On to dinner yesterday. I have started reading a book about Menno Simons and Sam was asking me about it. Seeing a teachable moment, I began to explain who Menno Simons was and how the Mennonites came to be. After some discussion, Jamey asked Sam, "So, do you know any Mennonites other than us?" Sam said, "Well...Lucy and Elijah go to our church." (friends of Sam, not their real names). Jamey said, "That's right. So what does that make them?" Sam replied, "Primates". Right away he realized his goof and we all had a good laugh.

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