Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Joy of Potty Training

I forgot how exhausting this is. It has been two years since last I tried it. At two and a half years old, I initiated the process with Sam (because I didn't think he was ever going to). I bought the expensive pull-ups and prizes for him to earn. I set the potty up in the kitchen, so I could keep and eye on him and he wouldn't feel exiled. I even put a basket of books next to his potty. Who doesn't like reading material? I set the timer for 15 minutes and made him sit on the potty. He was pretty agreeable, from the beginning, about sitting. Problem was, as soon as the pull up was back on, he'd go out into the playroom and pee in it. So, I kept changing the timer until I was asking him to sit every 5 minutes. Finally, we caught pee in the potty and boy did we celebrate. We even called grandparents, if I remember. Things went well from there. Well, I guess I should mention that he didn't poop in the potty (ever!) until 4 months later when baby Sadie was brought home from the hospital. That's when he decided to do it. He was so 'regular', that he'd poop in his overnight diaper first thing in the morning and then wear underwear all day long. To each their own.

Miss. Sadie has been a bit more entertaining. I've been working with her for a week and a half now (with a break this past weekend while we were out of town). As I may have mentioned, in an earlier post, the first day she screamed, like I've never heard her scream, whenever we made her sit. I jumped right to every five minutes on the timer, especially since I am skipping pull ups this time. Day two and three, she wanted to sit on the potty all the time, but would cry as whatever it was came out- hilarious. Sam and I would be jumping up and down clapping, while she was shedding tears. Once it was over, she'd stand up, wipe her tears and happily announce, "Bye, pee!", as I flushed it. Yesterday and today (so far), no accidents in the underwear, but she did go in the kiddie pool (not the yellow kind) yesterday. Luckily (for me), Daddy was on duty at the time.

Several of our friends despise changing diapers. They debate over whose turn it is to change the child and rejoice over the prospect of a diaper-free house. I can relate, but I don't have the hatred for them as others do. Don't get me wrong. I DO hate spending the money on them and having to throw them into a landfill (I know I could and should do cloth- I feel guilty enough on my own, thank you). I guess it's the fact that they are growing up, needing us less, that makes me nostalgic. So, if it still takes Sadie a while to figure this out, that's really alright with me. Pin It

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